Black & Decker FEJ520JF dustbuster review

Today we have the Black & Decker FEJ520JF smart tech. Two-in-one Hoover. Basically what it is the handheld or this can be used an upright. Ideal for me at the moment we’re having kids we internal and external issues basically the car and the house can get very messy lots of bits and bobs chrome deserves in everywhere. Wife really wanted a outdoor who vest for the car.

Let’s just turn over the box and let’s try and see if you plan some functions for you to show. We’ve got a slog using the floor as a standard who bet. You’ve got a filter sensor obviously tell me what the filters clogged so you can clean it obviously a battery sensor. Oh intelligent floor sensors increase suction on deep pile carpets switch the eco mode for lighter tasks.

A lot of functions here a load of sensors are loads of thing that help us out we’re giving them a test in a bit once we get up the box again. Let’s say you can see again is the battery center up there the filter sensor. Smart sensor technology automatic x1 the filter becomes cogged and needs to be cleaned that’s perfect. You can say various things that they clean hard and soft surfaces. You’ve got a doc and you could stand up with charge it. It’s a completely place up the way and it says the power beta bar designed to help lift stubborn debris from Corbett’s hard floors and services.

I’m going to get out on the box in a minute we’re going to give it a go at. I’m going to get it all charged up. I’ll show you pour it into the charger.

You can see by the little light that it’s shown up in charge it. We’re going to get it all charged up to see how it goes. I put it into the dock as well obviously. That’s bad as you can see the doc would fit like that of the wall and hold it up. It’s very good for storage but like I’m not going to do that for now. I don’t want any screws in the wall if I’m going to move in soon. I want  just to show you as well there we go that’s where it plugged in so nice and easy I conveniently placed yeah.

Black & Decker FEJ520JF charging to show you some of the accessories first of all you’ve got the power bar signal article brush bar with yet exactly what it does obviously adds a brushing function to the Hoover itself obviously for carpets etc. Here is the exact Tsikata Hoover extension bar now. That’s what it’s actually called there you go and that’s exactly what it does it extends the function of the handheld terminal into a floor cleaning device. There you go it comes with this little brush.

According to the instruction it is intended for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. I assume if you’re going to spider in corner cobwebs ideal to get that out. If I press the button here one-handed that’s goes down and you can see it’s got a connection there which connects over to here. You can see there’s two metal pins day which issue would obviously connect the sensors to the main unit via the extension cord. I’m going to do is I’m going to pop it in just to show you how easy it is.

There we go see it did it one-handed drastic but press the button again. It wasn’t that hard really one-handed to do. If it’s in all right and obviously that would connect therefore to the main thing. The main unit when it’s charged it starting at the moment it shouldn’t be that long once it’s charged. We will give it the run and you’ll see all up and running and working and these accessories or plug into what they need to do.

I’m consider look with the capacity Ferguson. Dalton sentence to their now bus engine leave that much power in see what I can when we lost enough. Go now move on to taking the author borrow the author father who the bar and show you the extension if I can see me as you.

Now I’ve just got the little extension brush on so I can get the nook and cranny. If I press the button as well again it gives a bit more power. You can easily get to the right angle and remove the cobwebs that are there. Look at that little gone now. Let’s show the extension to talk back in second show you an immunity self. Know who the bar no roller bar let’s have a look at this.

Let’s go back to show you how I empty the till canal see what to pick up. Im’ going to show you how to empty the filter using one hand there.

Finally I just wants to show you quickly on hard surfaces because they’re. If you have a little bit of axiom some plastic so let’s see why so messy people get rid of this issue.

Overall this is a very stylish very modern Black & Decker FEJ520JF portable Hoover. I’m quite impressed with everything I’ve seen of it so far it clings really well it charged really well.

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