What kind of car vacuum cleaner is better

It’s inevitable that cars get dirty, including the interior and upholstery. There are a wide range of cordless and 12V-powered handheld best dustbusters on the market. There’s no need to mess around with extension cables and dragging your household vac into the driveway or street. A quick look across Amazon show cordless handheld vacs. That are cheap and not very good, and 12V powered vacs that are rated highly.

We piked out high-rated 12V powered handheld best dustbusters and were let loose on a reluctant sales advisor’s Audi A1 to see how good they really are. So here’s our verdict:

Black & Decker PAD 1200 Auto Flexi

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Black & Decker have a wide range of car vacuum cleaners available and all have on average 4 star ratings, so we chose the most popular one. This Auto Flexi is very compact and comes with its own bag. It comes with two tools to fit on the end of the hose (admittedly, we did miss the brush end hiding in the box). The suction is rather underwhelming and took a few going overs on the car’s carpet to pick up the bits on it. Very disappointing for such a renowned brand. It does score top marks for practicality, though.

Heyner Turbo 3 Power Pro

best dustbusters

This German-produced vacuum cleaner comes with three attachments: a motorized brush, a crevice nozzle and a 3.6 meters long cable, so nothing gets missed. It also comes with a practical carry bag.

We were very impressed with how powerful and effective the vacuum cleaner was, especially when using the motorized brush, which made cleaning the carpet a lot easier. Top marks to the Heyner. Only feature missing is a hose for those awkward crevices.

Super Cyclone vacuum cleaner

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This best dustbusters is yet to receive any reviews. But we decided to take our chances given how promising it looked from the description and pictures. On first glance, it looks like any old conventional handheld, but features cyclone technology for extra suction. It comes with the traditional crevice and brush nozzles and also an extension hose to attach them to.

When we tested the Super Cyclone, it didn’t seem to be picking up much dust. On closer inspection of the bin, however, it seemed to have picked up a lot of dust.

Overall, we would recommend the Heyner for how effective it is at cleaning your interior. Especially with the motorized brush attachment.

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