About us


My name is Peter Stevinson. I am glad to welcome you to my site thedustbustersreview.com

I take an interest in various models of dust busters that are used in the office and at home. I decided to make reviews on the most popular models of vacuum cleaners and tell about all the advantages and disadvantages that any product has.

I had a couple of days of free time and I decided to make a small website where I would put useful information about dust busters. I want people not to have problems when choosing a home vacuum cleaner. After reading my reviews, a person can choose a suitable vacuum cleaner for himself.

I have great experience in this field and can confidently talk about any models of dust busters. I try to test every model of the vacuum cleaner before writing my review. Therefore, you can safely trust what is written here.

I try to cover as many vacuum cleaner models as possible and tell you about them. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to comment on my reviews.

Peter Stevinson
Founder of thedustbustersreview.com